The holes in our cheese


Last month, I had the opportunity to spend a few days at the fantastic Abbaye de La Ramée in Jodoigne. The occasion? A training course on change management, with the popular Prosci ADKAR method. Three days of sparring with fantastic people, a meticulously orchestrated and fast paced training (you have to admit, the Americans know how to perfect a model), beautiful weather and a cosy atmosphere.

Forget the corridor talk: the 3 pillars of good internal communication.


- Where do you get your information from if you really want to know something?
- How important is the office gossip here?

These are a few questions that I ask the participants during my annual internal communication training at SBM. They are not the first things that come to mind when we talk about internal communication. We rather think of intranet, WhatsApp groups, info sessions, ...

Dubai. Abu Dhabi. Dubai World Expo 2021.

29/10 - 4/11 - 2021

We have been charmed and some of our 45 participants even fell in love. The trip was a rollercoaster of business insights, CEO Panel Talks, sightseeing opportunities, the discovery of creative business approaches, culture, innovation, a ride in the desert, architectural challenges and never ending ambition to glow as big, bigger, biggest.