On average only 14% of employees understand their organisation’s strategy.
If this is true, whose strategy are the other 86% implementing?

(Metrus Group Survey)

The Content Makers look at the impact of your strategy in the external and the internal world.  We agree that both should be aligned, right?  Organisations are advised to monitor that balance closely. Afterall, a strategy without a plan remains a dream.

Our experience and network enable us to help in the following situations:

• CEOs who want a no-nonsense sounding board 
• Middle management who have problems translating the strategy into action
• A customer who is not drawn to your company or what you stand for
• Employees improvising their path through the company's values
• Regulators, politicians, and sectors who do not fully understand your business


It is about content

Poor communication is often the source of many problems.
A time of crisis provides opportunities for those who wish to adapt. Business models have changed, old habits have been shaken up. You make a difference through what you do and who you do it for.

It is about people

Good communication is crucial, but it does not stop there.
One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that your employees have the right skills and are motivated to help shape innovation.  What really motivates your employees? How can you support and guide them through changes?  How do you create a culture of involvement, trust and mutual responsibility? 

If this year is to be our smartest year, then we will do it together. And the words we choose will make the difference.

’Targeted working using a clear vision.’
‘Strong in projects.’
‘Conceptual thinking and pragmatic action.’
‘Likes to be on top of things.’
‘Open and straightforward.’
‘A strong desire to make a difference.’
‘Driven bridge builders.’
‘With heart and soul.’

These are not our words, but those of the countless people with whom we have had the privilege of working. You can find the full testimonials on our LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn Marleen and LinkedIn Bart

As the Content Makers, we combine our experience to offer you a unique, added combination of communication and human resources, internal and external, words and deeds.